The Flower Can Always Be Changing – Recent Sightings

The week after I launched The Flower Can Always Be Changing, it made it onto the Audreys Books bestseller list. Number one for non fiction. Extra gratifying was that Rumi and the Red Handbag made it to number four, and Asking made it to number ten, on the fiction list. Which goes to show one should always pleasantly ask the bookstore where your launch is happening to order in some of your backlist. 

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In other news, The Flower Can Always Be Changing made it onto a list by Kerry Clare on 49th Shelf, titled, "11 Life Stories To Read This Spring.” I loved this because I’ve been thinking a lot about genre in relation to this book of mine. In fact the epigraph to the book is by Clarice Lispector where she says, “Genre no longer interests me. What interests me is mystery.” 

While I’m calling the contents of the book “brief essays” I think they fit into some trickier space. I’m not alone in exploring this space, and at some point I’ll write about it more at length. But for now, the idea of my book being categorized as “life stories” is pleasing to me.

People have been instagramming my book amid flowers and on desks. This is also very pleasing and lovely. 

For example: 


And there have been more, too! I’m so grateful to everyone for being part of the excitement of my new small book.