Fall's Must-Read Fashion Books (Globe and Mail) and More

tea and handbag-19.jpg

It was another rather fabulous week for Rumi and the Red Handbag, I have to admit. It started off with this blog post and amazing photo by my lovely friend, Susan Licht. Treat yourself and scroll through the rest of her blog and drink in all the light and poetry in her extraordinary photos. 

Next came this review by Kerry Clare of the very cool and bookish blog, Pickle Me This. I love all the connections she makes and especially her last line: "For what is a handbag anyway but a place to keep a book?" Again, treat yourself to Kerry's blog, because her readings are always thoughtful and clear and openhearted. We have her book to look forward to, as well: Mitzi Bytes will be published by Harpercollins Canada in Spring 2017.

Lastly, Rumi and the Red Handbag ended up on another list (Fall's Must-Read Fashion Books), this time in the Globe and Mail's Fashion section which is super cool. Nathalie Atkinson names RRH a "fashion fable" and says it's "lovely and lyrical." I'll take that.